To Our Guests
"The Churches of Christ Salute You"
Romans 16:16

Long Beach Church of Christ

No thoughtful person can fail to be concerned with the obvious reality of sin in the world today, and the growing opposition and indifference to moral values evident on all sides.

Unfortunately, many persons sincerely seeking their own salvation and that of their fellow men are confused and often discouraged by the contradictions and antagonisms of diverse creeds, denominations and sects. They read that there is but one Body of Christ, with one faith and one baptism (Eph 4:4), but where is it?

The true Church of Christ is now as it has always been, the church Jesus said He would build (Matt 16:18) and which His divinely-guided apostles established on the earth. In short, it is the church you read about in the Bible.

Read about that church, carefully and prayerfully. It cannot be said to resemble any of the denominations of today, because all these groups, in varying degrees, have added the commandments of mere men to their doctrines and practices (Col 2:22).

We believe, as all Christians profess, that the Bible is God's Word, revealed through Christ to men and preserved for 2,000 years for our salvation and guidance. Moreover, we believe the New Testament tells us, and tells us plainly, all we need to know about the Church of Christ. To deny this is to presume that God has given men incomplete and obscure directions, rather than all things that pertain to life and godliness (II Pet 1:3).

Therefore, the Bible is our only creed and text. We strive to do that-and only that-which the New Testament commands us to do or informs us that Christians of apostolic churches did.

For instance, you will notice we have no organ or piano. Man-made instruments were used under the old covenant, but there is no mention of them in the new. We are told, however, to sing and make melody in our hearts to the Lord (Eph 5:19) and invite you to join.

The speaker you will hear may not be the most eloquent you have ever heard. Next Lord's Day, another member will offer a lesson from the Bible. We have no permanent pastor, for the apostolic churches had no such system, and the New Testament tells us to exhort and edify one another (I Thess 5:11). No member is compelled, but all are encouraged to contribute whatever talents God has given them to the services and work of the Church, not seeking to be ministered unto, but to minister (Mark 10:45).

Two New Testament injunctions are observed by the whole congregation at morning services on the first day of each week (Acts 20:7, I Cor 16:2). These are the memorial of the Lord's Supper and the contribution as God has prospered us. No other method of raising funds is used.

The Church of Christ, established by the apostles, continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine, and fellowship, and in the breaking of bread, and in prayers (Acts 2:42). We hope you find that church here.